[源码推荐] ChatSecure iOS – 加密聊天工具

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ChatSecure iOS - 加密聊天工具


ChatSecure 是一个免费开源加密的 iPhone and Android 聊天客户端。在xmpp协议上支持OTR加密信息。


ChatSecure is a free and open source messaging app that features OTR encryption over XMPP. You can connect to an existing Google account, create new accounts on public XMPP servers, or even connect to your own server for extra security.

Unlike other apps that keep you stuck in their walled garden, ChatSecure is fully interoperable with other clients that support OTR and XMPP, such as Adium, Jitsi, and more.

ChatSecure only uses well-known open source cryptographic libraries to keep your conversations private. Other apps may make claims about 'military grade' security but, without publicly auditable source code and verifiable end-to-end encryption, you cannot be truly safe.

* XMPP with TLS certificate pinning.

* OTR for verifiable end-to-end encryption and forward secrecy.

* OMEMO for a mobile-friendly alternative to OTR.

* SQLCipher to locally encrypt conversation logs.








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