[开源APP推荐] ThatInbox – iOS平台上免费开源的Email 客户端

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ThatInbox - iOS平台上免费开源的Email 客户端




ThatInbox is simple, elegant, and free new way to do your email on an iPad. It's completely free and open source.

ThatInbox connects with Ink so that you work with your attachments in other applications. Some of our favorite Ink workflows with ThatInbox:

Sign email attachments and send them back as a reply.
Take photos sent to from your family, touch them up with filters and red-eye reduction, and store them in the Cloud or post them on Facebook.
Grab the most recent customer proposal that your coworker sent you and add it to Evernote.
Other great features of ThatInbox:

View all of your emails with attachments in one place.
Connects to your address book so you can get your work done faster.
Only works with Gmail.




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