ZYThumbnailTableView – 可展开型预览TableView

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ZYThumbnailTableView - 可展开型预览TableView



An expandable preview TableView, custom-made all the modules completely with open API you can.

Design by Sergii Ganushchak
a TableView have thumbnail cell only, and you can use gesture let it expands other expansionView, all DIY
高度自由定制可扩展TableView, 其中tableViewCell,topExpansionView,bottomExpansionView均提供接口自由定制,功能堪比小型阅读app

If you have updated Xcode 7.3 yet, please use the branch named 'Xcode7.3-Handle'.



With TableView skin, the powerful heart similar to a small app, decoupling arms and legs and support highly customized there are. Every cell as a whole with the vocational work. you can expand more extension views through slide up&down with your finger, and that the cell and extension views you can custom-made completely with open API, which carry the param can meet your needs to make interaction.

Working characteristics: TableViewCell act as a container with thumbnail content, the contents of the initial display be limited to 'cellHeight',it will recalculate the complete height when you click it, and you can slide to expand the extension views after that.
Custom-made: tableViewCell, topExtensionView, bottomExtensionView all you can provide to thumbnailTableView.
Simple to use: alloc a ZYThumbnailTableViewController object, assign your tableViewCell, ExtensionView(top or bottom), and your can uses the indexPath that the param with the assign Block to come true your demand.






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