[开源APP推荐] Feeds4U – RSS reader, 一个开源的RSS阅读器

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Feeds4U - RSS reader, 一个开源的RSS阅读器


Feeds4U wants to be your favourite RSS/Atom reader app.

Create new feed and start to read it in a few steps.
Waiting for the new feed items? - just pull-to-refresh the feed.
Open links with in-app browser and share outstanding content.

- RSS/Atom feeds
- create new feed
- delete feed
- refresh feed for new items
- read/unread visual mark
- unread items count
- in-app browser with navigation
- sharing feature
- landscape/portrait interface orientation
- simple and intuitive user experience

AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/app/feeds4u/id1038456442




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