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Stepify - 计步运动类健康App


Description It is common knowledge that motivation is the key to the strong health and wellbeing. However, keeping your motivation alive is not always easy. It may be even hard and time consuming for the one to build long living habits, especially if we are speaking about sport and healthy lifestyle.

Stepify if here to help you on your way to health. Our team will try to supply you with the best motivation factors you can find in the fitness app.

Here is how it actually works:

Take on your Fitbit or Jawbone, sync it with the iPhone, and go for a walk! As easy as can be. While you are busy walking the dog or going to the office, Stepify receives info about your steps from Health App on the iPhone or wearable device, and uploads this info to the Step Competition Board.

Stepify pulls data to the Competition board with zero efforts from your side. All you need to do is to sync your wearable device with compatible iPhone and activate the app. Stepify will do the rest.

Sign-up to any challenge you like, and do your best to get as many steps as possible. Then see results at the end of each day, person with biggest amount of steps wins the contest.

Win challenges, share with friends, arrange group contests! This is great chance to build strong motivation and make your journey to healthy life easy and pleasant.

Please be advised! To participate in challenge you must have iPhone 5s or higher and wearable devices compatible with it.




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