[开源APP推荐] Adios – iOS上的广告拦截器

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Adios - iOS上的广告拦截器


An ad blocker for iOS working with EasyList rules.


Adios is the first ad blocker for iOS devices. It offers all the features of an ad blocker for desktop browsers:

  • More than 20 ad lists available, each of them blocking all the ads of websites from a specific country.
  • Adios removes all the social media buttons and block all the malicious scripts attempting to your privacy.
  • If you need to see the ads on a specific website, use the whitelist to do so.

tl;dr Adios is offering you the next Web. You don't want to be tracked, you don't want to see silly ads. You deserve a fast and readable Web that is not killing your data quota. You deserve Adios.






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