[开源游戏] CMY – 使用OpenGL开发的智力游戏

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CMY - 使用OpenGL开发的智力游戏


CMY is an interesting mix of several game genres, with a twist. The objective of the game is to place blocks with shapes we all know on a grid. When placing the block, the colours mix like ink. Mixing colors to black clears a square and lets you place new blocks. You can rotate the grid to fit even more blocks in different orientations.
Compete with other players using Game Center. Obtain achievements, or just compete for the highest score.

The game has three different color models. One is based on the way ink works, where cyan, magenta and yellow make black. Red, green and blue work like your computer monitor, and mix to white. Red, yellow and blue are the colors as they are taught in primary school. Choose whichever scheme you find easier to play!

AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cmy/id869354956?ls=1&mt=8




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