[开源App推荐] Hearts Scoreboard – 游戏记分牌

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Hearts Scoreboard - 游戏记分牌


Ditch the pen and paper and keep track of your Hearts scores with this app!



・View each round’s scores

・Pass direction indicator

・iCloud syncs game state and preferences – start a game on your iPhone and resume on your iPad!

・Current dealer is marked by bold type, and is adjustable in settings by dragging the Dealer button

・Undo the previous round with a shake

・Adjustable shoot the moon rules – subtract 26 points from the winner’s score or add 26 points to the other players’ scores.

・Clean, simple design that looks great in all orientations on all of your iOS devices

・Three themes to chose from: classic green, light, and dark

・Button adds the remaining points to a player's score


This app is and will always be free, open source, and will never have ads.


AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hearts-scoreboard-keep-track/id1033609492?mt=8




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