[开源App推荐] Hidden – Touch-ID Notepad – 用Touch ID保护的记事本

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Hidden - Touch-ID Notepad - 用Touch ID保护的记事本


Hide and secure all your notes from strangers with a Touch ID and password lock in the Hidden app. Store personal notes, passwords, and other information knowing you are the only one with access.  Ensure that your notes are only to be seen by you.

• Simplistic and elegant interface
• Create unlimited notes and keep them hidden from everyone else
• Set your super secret password to anything you want along with your fingerprint
• App locks when the app closes to ensure complete secureness
• Auto Locks your notes to make sure they are always protected
• Change you password anytime to increase security


AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hidden-touch-id-notepad/id1031049690?mt=8




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