YYKit – iOS组件集合

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YYKit - iOS组件集合


YYKit is a collection of iOS components.


It's so huge that I split it into several independent components:

YYModel — High performance model framework for iOS.

YYCache — High performance cache framework for iOS.

YYImage — Image framework for iOS to display/encode/decode animated WebP, APN


YYWebImage — Asynchronous image loading framework.

YYText — Powerful rich text component for iOS.

YYKeyboardManager — Access keyboard view and track keyboard animation.

YYDispatchQueuePool — iOS utility class to manage global dispatch queue.

YYAsyncLayer — iOS utility classes for asynchronous rendering and display.

YYCategories — A set of useful categories for Foundation and UIKit.


Github: https://github.com/ibireme/YYKit


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