[开源APP推荐] Wire iOS client (iPhone and iPad) – Private Messenger

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Wire iOS client (iPhone and iPad) - Private Messenger


Modern, private communications.

Crystal clear voice, video and group chats.

No advertising. Always encrypted.

Always available on phone, tablet, desktop and web.

• Everything on Wire is private and always end-to-end encrypted.

• Voice and video calls offer best-in-class quality.

• Fast and secure messenger with pics, sketches and GIFs.

• Audio and video messages with just a tap.

• File sharing of any file format from mobile to tablet to desktop.

• Youtube, Vimeo video clips and SoundCloud tracks embedded in chats.

• Wire offers group chat with up to 128 people.


App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/wire/id930944768?mt=8




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