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Pokemap Live iOS - Pokemon go 地图


iOS application with live pokemon map.


How to install on your device (non-jailbreak):

  1. Clone repository
  2. Install Cocoapods
  3. Open Terminal
  4. Go to repository directory
  5. run "pod install"
  6. Open Pokemap.xcworkspace in XCode
  7. Connect your device to Mac
  8. Select in menu Product->Run


How to install with jailbreak:

  1. Download ipa from "ipa" folder.
  2. Install.



  • Login using PTC account.
  • Shows nearby pokemons on map.
  • Implemented features for more human-like changing coordinates to avoid ban. You can change speed in km/h between requests.

Please don't use your main account with this app, it's not completely tested. Create new account before using app.



  • Autocollect pokemons and pokestops.
  • Local notifications.
  • More pokemon info.

Inspired by AHAAAAAAA






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