[开源APP推荐] Tagger – iOS automated photo-tag generator

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Tagger - iOS automated photo-tag generator


iOS automated photo-tag generator, likes booster.


Tagger helps you increase the number of Instagram or Flickr followers and likes on your pictures. Tagger always search among the most trending hashtag and choose the better ones related to yours. Also searches hashtags in real time while other app take the results from a static list. This allows you to get the highest results on Instagram or Flickr search trends. Discover new hashtags that you'd never thought of that!


Main features:

  • Automated image recognition tasks to come up with a list of tags.
  • Select an image from your library, camera or Flickr camera roll.
  • Get a list of hot tags for the given period, for a day or a week.
  • Search tags for a given category in real time.
  • Unlimited number of tag categories.







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