[开源游戏] Metal-Flaps – 用Metal和swift开发的Flappy bird

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Metal-Flaps - 用Metal和swift开发的Flappy bird


Flappy bird done with Metal and swift.

Demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_9bwQBv3Zo&feature=youtu.be



Bundle of classes I wrote for use as a small game engine. Contents: MetalView, MetalViewController, Scene , Node and some helper classes.

Usage: Drag-And-Drop this folder to your project and start using it. You should create MetalViewController subclass, make sure it got MetalView as it's .view property.

All drawing must be done using Scene object. You should subclass it and add Nodes to it.

!Note: Requires -Ofast compiler flag to build

I also added script to import blender models to Metal game, more info on that herehttps://github.com/haawa799/METAL_Playground

For more info please check how MetalFlaps - Flappy Bird clone was done or ask me on twitter @haawa799.




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