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ZhihuDaily - 知乎日报iOS项目


知乎日报iOS客户端项目,欢迎Star,Issues,Pull requests。

Disclaimer - 声明

Zhihu is a trademark of Zhihu. Inc. This app is not created nor endorsed by Zhihu Inc. All the information and content accessible through Zhihu Daily Purify are subject to Zhihu's copyright and terms of use. This is a free app and does not charge for anything. All content are available for free from Zhihu.

『知乎』是 知乎. Inc 的注册商标。本软件与其代码非由知乎创作或维护。软件中所包含的信息与内容皆违反版权与知乎用户协议。它是一个免费软件,使用它不收取您任何费用。其中的所有内容均可在知乎获取。


Features - 特性

  • 实现知乎日报大多数功能
  • 没有广告




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