[开源APP推荐] TheNews – iOS Client for thenews.im

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TheNews - iOS Client for thenews.im


Read Hacker News, Designer News & Product Hunt.


The News App is a hub for Designer News, Hacker News & Product Hunt.

Designed specifically for iOS7, it presents a beautiful interface & content focused layout that gives you easy access to all the best content on startups, entrepreneurship, hacking, programming, design, and many more.

For Both DN & HN

* Swipe right to upvote

* Swipe left to comment

* Threaded comments and replies

* Integrated browsing and sharing of content

For DN

* Recent and Top Posts feeds

* Message of the Day

For HN

* Top, New & Ask HN Posts feeds

For PH

* Access to Each Day's Products as well as comments

* More to come soon. Stay Tuned.


App Storehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/thenews-ph-+-dn-+-hn/id884790249?mt=8




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