[开源APP推荐] Yale Mobile – The first and best iOS application for Yale University students

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Yale Mobile - The first and best iOS application for Yale University students 


YaleMobile is an unofficial mobile application designed to improve the mobile computing experience of Yale University affiliates. Find a person in the directory, find a course on oci, search campus map with abbreviation code, check the academic calendar of your school, look up dining hall info and menu, track a shuttle. YaleMobile does everything, in the way that fits your iOS device the best.



YaleMobile currently have the following components:

  • Bluebook, the course catalog of Yale University. Its web version can be accessed at yale.edu/oci.
  • Dining, including dining hall status and menu.
  • Campus Map, featuring a Yale-specific map that supports searching by abbreviations.
  • Shuttle, real-time Yale Shuttle status. Data provided by TransLoc.
  • People Directory, where you can find all Yale personnel. The web version can be found at directory.yale.edu/phonebook/index.htm.
  • Laundry, real-time laundry machine status across Yale campus. Data provided by MacGray Corporation.
  • Facility hours, live libary hours provided by Yale University Library, and hours of other facilities such as gym and retail dining locations.
  • Calendar, the academic calendars of all schools in Yale.
  • Phonebook, where you can find numbers of all departments, offices and the like.

If you are a Yale student and you have a new feature in mind, please either open an issue or email us atyale.mobile.app@gmail.com.



All code for the app is in this repository, and grouped into components outlined above. Since TransLoc and MacGray LaundryView are services provided to other institutions as well, you may find code related to them particularly useful.

YaleMobile uses several open source libraries, including:

  • AFNetworking, the de facto standard networking library for iOS.
  • SWRevealViewController, a side menu library.
  • Mantle, GitHub's model library for iOS, which is easier to use than Core Data (sans persistent).
  • FLEX, a runtime introspection debug tool.
  • JGProgressHUD, a nice clean progress HUD.
  • PureLayout, a very helpful wrapper around NSLayoutConstraint.

Check out the podfile to see the most up-to-date list. The maintainer of the repository should make sure all libraries are listed here.


App Storehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yale-mobile/id497588523?mt=8




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