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Screen Ruler - Pixel Perfect Screenshot Ruler, iOS开发者利器


As an iOS developer, I always feel the lack of simple app to check position of objects/elements in any picture or screenshot. Now it's very easy to find position and size of any UI element, specifically {x,y,width,height).

This app is specially designed for making Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer (QA Engg.) life much easier. Now they can quickly review Mobile UI with point & pixel perfect dimensions within minutes.



Step1: Take Screenshot of the app to debug it. This will automatically be saved to your Camera Roll -> Screenshots album.

Step2: Open Screen Ruler app and you can see your recent screenshot, enable ruler and straight line frame.

Step3: Check your screenshot dimensions and UI element positions by zooming in/out and using rulers and line frame.

Key Features

  • 4 Sided dynamic ruler. You can also adjust ruler position using your finger. Long tap for more options.
  • Free hand ruler scale. It can also rotate to check angles.
  • Straighten line frame.
  • Long tap & move on screenshot to show RGB color values of any position.
  • Multi-feature crop too.
  • Change Aspect Ratio.
  • Screenshot Resizing.
  • Change Device Scale Factor.
  • Double-Tap, Pan, pinch gestures to zoom and move pictures.

Download to see how QA engineers accelerating their business by reducing time to do pixel measurements.


App Storehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/screen-ruler-pixel-perfect/id1104790987?mt=8




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