[开源APP推荐] YouTubeClone – A clone of YouTube

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YouTubeClone - A clone of YouTube


This project is a clone of YouTube. But the main intention is to show how to write clean code, using proper MVC patterns and re-usable coding methodologies. It includes features like:

  1. Building UICollectionView all from code without using Storyboards
  2. Customisable navigation bar to match that of YouTube
  3. Creating a custom Menu bar using UICollectionView
  4. NSURLSession task to complete a fetch request & iterate through all the objects in this JSON dictionary & construct all video objects
  5. Load images Asynchronously
  6. Creating a Slide-In Menu
  7. Lazy var instantiation explained
  8. JSON parsing in most optimised way
  9. Play a remote video using AVPlayer inside the app
  10. Video player controls like Pause, Play, Progress indicator etc.

Converted from Swift2 (Source: https://www.letsbuildthatapp.com) to Swift3.





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